Business Checking Accounts Promotion

With a New Business Checking or Analysis Checking account, receive up to $4,000 credit by maintaining an average monthly balance to waive your fees1 for Treasury Management Services, merchant services, and various banking services.


Required Average
Monthly Balance
Initial Fee Credit Additional Fee Credit
$40,000 - $79,999.99 $1,000 $1,000
$80,000 or more $2,000 $2,000
Terms and/or Conditions for Reimbursement For a period of three (3) consecutive months following the month in which the account is opened, a Fee Credit will be provided for one (1) year. Please note that any unused Fee Credit amount will expire after one year. If three (3) additional consecutive months (totaling 6 consecutive months) of account maintenance are achieved, the Fee Credit period will be extended for another year. This extension will include an additional Fee Credit, which will be added to the remaining term from the unused first-year fee credit.
New Money Only2
Promotion Period: 03/18/2024 - 04/30/2024
Eligible Account: A new Business Checking or Business Analysis Checking account

CBB Bank Business Checking Accounts Promotion

Visit a nearby branch and open a new business checking account.

Branch Locations

The account must be in an open status to qualify for the fee credit.

Review Periods:
After the first three (3) consecutive months following the account opening, the monthly average balance will be reviewed. Fee credits will commence from the fourth (4) month and continue for the next 12 months. A second review will occur three (3) months after the initial review, independently assessing the monthly average balance. Additional fee credits will depend solely on the second review period.

Example Calculation:
If the monthly average balance for the first review period is $80,000 or above, and for the second review period it is between $40,000 and under $80,000, the total fee credit will be $3,000 for two years (1st year: $2,000, 2nd year: $1,000).

Additional Year:
Depending on the credit earned during the second review, an additional year may be added to the remaining credit from the first calendar period.

Account Requirements:
All regular account-opening procedures and requirements apply (refer to the product disclosures).

Promotion Duration:
This promotion is effective from 3/18/2024 to 4/30/2024. The bank reserves the right to terminate the promotion with or without prior notice. Terms and conditions apply. For more detail, visit a near CBB Bank branch.

1The eligible fees for the credit are only bank-charged fees. The fees charged by third-party are not eligible except the merchant card service fee from the processing company referred by the bank (Elavon). Below fees are excluded.

  1. Smart Safe charge from the service provider
  2. Purchasing cost for an RDC scanner
  3. Check book charge
  4. Any other charge from third party service providers

2New money is defined as funds not currently on deposit at CBB Bank.