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Treasury Management Services

Treasury Management Service (TMS) is a process of collecting and managing short term cash for our business customers. We offer a variety of financial services to our business customers to effectively manage cash balances, retrieve information on the accounts, send secure electronic payments, make deposits without leaving the office, and detect fraudulent checks before incurring a loss.

Business E-Banking (BeB)

CBB Bank offers Business Online Banking (BeB) to business clients. BeB has an array of robust Cash Management Solutions to streamline business cash flow and to manage finance.

Take advantage of CBB’s BeB


  • Real-time account access to balances and transactions
  • transaction and history search function
  • Up to 18 months of checking and savings online statements
  • Alerts and notification settings to changes and updates to your account
  • Stop payment requests
  • Access to unlimited accounts under eligible ownership
  • Additional sub-users

Remote Deposit Service

Save time and hassle of visiting the bank to make your deposits. Simple login to CBB’s Remote Deposit online enables you to create a digital deposit slip by entering the total deposit amount, and scanning the checks. Make unlimited check deposits using a remote deposit scanner and enjoy extended deposit cut-off time from your business location.


ACH Origination Service

Automated Clearing House (ACH) solution provides a secure and efficient method of improving your business cash flow and forecasting, speed the collection of funds, and lower expenses. ACH transaction summary, detailed reports and history are available for monitoring and reconciliation purposes to help manage your transaction activities.


ACH is governed by NACHA. Current rules and regulations regarding ACH can be accessed via www.nacha.org.

Online Wires

Online wire transfers are a quick and reliable method of sending payments, adding speed and convenience to your business payment process securely to domestic and international countries. Save the trip to the bank and easily transmit payments with online wires globally.


Positive Pay (Check & ACH)

Positive Pay is a verification service that helps businesses identify and report fraudulent and unauthorized payments. Limit risk and exposure to fraudulent checks and electronic ACH item. With one easy-to-use solution, take control over which checks and ACH items will post to your accounts.


Zero Balance Accounts

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs) offer you an easy and convenient way to automatically consolidate funds into one account that can then be used to fund disbursements or investments. It’s less expensive than wires and frees employees from having to transfer funds manually.


Smart Safe (Cash Vault)

Make deposits into your account without ever leaving your business.
CBB Bank’s Smart Safe provides the ability to deposit your cash on a daily basis with scheduled pickup service.


Image Lock Box

CBB Lockbox is Simple, Accurate, and Fast. In addition, our lockbox services reduce cost of processing and improve cash flow.


Merchant Services

CBB Bank strives to offer the latest technology in payment solutions.
Our goal is to help businesses save time and money, increase sales, improve cash flow, and make it easier for your customers to pay you. Whether you’re an internet, retail or over-the-phone merchant, we have a solution for you.